Flexibilities and freedoms

Partnership Schools | Kura Hourua can:


  • focus on a special interest (e.g. a particular language, vocational pathway, or other specialist area), apply a particular pedagogical philosophy, or adopt a faith or culture-based setting
  • provide religious instruction as part of delivering a full curriculum if they have a faith-based character
  • negotiate the number of teachers they employ who do not hold a Practising Certificate (e.g. employ individuals with post-graduate degrees or trades certificates but who have not have undertaken formal teacher training as subject matter experts to deliver part of the curriculum)
  • negotiate salary conditions and employment conditions with employees
  • employ a chief executive. The chief executive is not required to hold a Practicing Certificate but if the person is responsible for teaching and learning across the school, they must have a proven background in educational leadership
  • set the length of their own school day and year
  • set their own curriculum, providing it uses the vision, principles, values and key competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum or equivalent statements from Te Marautanga o Aotearoa
  • choose their own qualifications framework, providing it does not close off any future options for students
  • sub-contract any of the sponsor's responsibilities to a third-party