Application evaluation criteria

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This page provides an overview of the criteria for evaluating applications.

In assessing applications the Board is specifically looking for assurance that applicants:

  • have the capability and experience to establish and operate an effective school from day one
  • have the ability and reputation to attract and retain high-quality teaching and management staff
  • have clearly established that there is parental and community demand for the type of school being proposed
  • are proposing an educational approach that is well-grounded and can be translated into effective learning programmes
  • are proposing to use the flexibilities in the application of resources in ways that are likely to promote sustained acceleration of student progress and achievement
  • have a well-grounded understanding of what it takes to operate reliable student assessment, progress monitoring and reporting systems
  • are committed to a genuine educational partnership with parents and communities
  • are committed to contractual transparency and high standards of accountability (both financial and educational)

The Authorisation Board and the Ministry are looking for proposals that demonstrate:

  • a clear commitment to raising the educational aspirations and results of Māori, Pasifika, students from low socio-economic backgrounds, and students with special education needs, and an understanding of the challenges involved
  • proven ability to attract these priority learner groups
  • a strong case for the need for a Partnership School to address educational underperformance by their target students in the proposed location
  • a compelling, clearly documented education programme that will deliver success for their target students, and evidence of the sponsor’s capability for delivering the programme
  • innovative use of the flexibilities and freedoms on offer to Partnership Schools
  • an understanding of what is required to achieve success in education for their target students, and experience in doing so
  • proven organisational, governance and financial capability and competence, and
  • data and other evidence to support each of the key components of the proposal.

More details are available on 'The Government's preferences' page.