Partnership Schools | Kura Hourua

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New Zealand schools are doing a great job, but not for all students. International studies such as the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) show that New Zealand has one of the widest variations between the performance of its highest achieving students and those who underachieve.

This variation exists within schools and within classrooms, regardless of the school’s decile rating. Many students are not getting the qualifications and skills they need to lead fulfilling lives and participate in the modern economy. The cost of this educational underachievement is high for our families and whānau, our communities and our country.

Raising achievement is crucial to meeting the Government’s Better Public Services target of 85% of 18 year olds having NCEA Level 2 or an equivalent in 2017. Partnership Schools | Kura Hourua enable the Government to partner with educators, community, iwi and business organisations to work in innovative ways to engage with and raise achievement among disadvantaged students.