15 Feb Whangaruru charter school students move on


All 39 students who had been attending the failed Whangaruru charter school have found places in other schools or moved on to further study, the Ministry of Education says.

It was announced last month by Education Minister Hekia Parata that the Government would terminate its contract with the trust that ran the problem-plagued Northland school.

That decision is due to take effect in early March, but the school's former students have already found other options.

The Ministry of Education's Katrina Casey told Parliament's education and science select committee today that the children have either been placed in another school or moved on to tertiary education.

Two have moved to Australia, she said.

The ministry has been providing support to parents to help them with the transition, and schools who have taken the students in are also being offered extra help.

"We've been very clear with the principals of the schools that we will provide any support that is required to try and not just keep the kids at school, but keep them engaged in learning and also get them through to achievement," Ms Casey said.

Ministry staff are also calling schools each day to make sure children are turning up.

"On a couple of occasions already where that hasn't happened, we're going out to find the kids and talk to their families and make sure the kids get to school," Ms Casey said.

The Whangaruru charter school was one of the first five charter schools to open in 2014.

It is the first to close.

A further four charter schools opened in early 2015.

An ACT Party initiative, charter schools have been controversial because they receive state funding, but they can set their own curriculum and don't have to hire registered teachers.

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