12 Aug Revised application process announced for fourth round of applications to operate Partnership Schools


The Partnership Schools | Kura Hourua Authorisation Board today announced details of revisions to the application process for the fourth round of Partnership Schools.

Tender documents for the round were released by the Ministry of Education today on GETS here.

Authorisation Board Chair Catherine Isaac said the main change in the process was its commencement with the opportunity for potential Partnership School providers to register an expression of interest.

“This is a new step, designed to enable interested parties to test their core concept and provide a summary of the key facts of their proposal before proceeding with the extensive work involved in preparing a full application.

“The Board will assess the expressions of interest and determine which applicants should be invited to submit full applications. Those invited to proceed to this second stage will therefore have a higher likelihood of being invited into contract negotiations”, she said.

Ms Isaac said the Board will be looking for assurance through the expressions of interest that applicants:

  1. have the capability and experience to establish and operate an effective school from day one
  2. understand and acknowledge the traditions and values of children from different cultures, and the important role these play in enhancing their learning and achievement outcomes
  3. have the ability and reputation to attract and retain high-quality teaching and management staff
  4. have clearly established that there is parental and community demand for the type of school being proposed
  5. are proposing an educational approach that is well-grounded and can be translated into effective learning programmes
  6. are proposing to use the flexibilities in the application of resources in ways that are likely to promote sustained acceleration of student progress and achievement
  7. have a well-grounded understanding of what it takes to operate reliable student assessment, progress monitoring and reporting systems
  8. are committed to a genuine educational partnership with parents and communities, and
  9. are committed to contractual transparency and high standards of accountability (both financial and educational)

As for previous rounds of application, while all high-quality applications (as assessed against the evaluation criteria) will be considered, the Government has asked that preference be given to proposals that:

  1. make effective use of the flexibilities offered by the model
  2. offer effective, innovative options for 0 to 8 year olds
  3. are large enough to be comfortably (economically) viable
  4. are located in an area or areas where there are students who are not being well served by the education system
  5. bring together education, business and/or community sector partnership(s)
  6. have a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and
  7. are not from existing private schools seeking to convert to a Partnership School

Information about the application can also be found on the Partnership Schools website http://www.partnershipschools.education.govt.nz/.