05 May Positive evaluation of Partnership Schools welcomed

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David Seymour, Under-Secretary to the Minister of Education, has welcomed the release of MartinJenkins’ second annual evaluation report on Partnership Schools | Kura Hourua.

“MartinJenkins’ independent evaluation of the Partnership Schools policy has produced its second report, painting a very positive picture of the progress made by these innovative young schools,” said Mr Seymour.

The report, which evaluates the schools’ delivery approaches and assessment, makes a number of key findings.

  • PSKH are reaching priority students, large proportions of whom have high, and sometimes complex, needs. These include a lack of core skills for learning, and histories of disengagement from education.
  • The schools report that they are seeing positive outcomes for students across a range of areas, beyond those included in contracted targets. This includes improved self-esteem and self-worth, development of high aspirations, and greater security of identity, culture, and language.
  • For the most part, their approaches reflect good practice and sometimes innovative practice. While some of the schools are still refining their approaches, as would be expected of any newly established school, there is no evidence of poor practice. Schools that have operated for longer see this reflected in more developed approaches in meeting their students’ needs.
  • All of the schools are either already delivering or on a path to delivering good or very good assessment practice overall.
  • PSKH are working to help parents understand how progress is measured and engaging them in supporting student achievement.

“These findings join those of the first report, which found that early evidence that Partnership Schools are developing innovative solutions that match local needs,” said Mr Seymour.

The Phase 3 Evaluation Report can be accessed on the Education Counts website.

A final report is due in late 2017, and will evaluate the achievement of the intended outcomes of the Partnership Schools policy.

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